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In 1997, our founder, Sona Mehring, had the idea for CaringBridge when she needed to share news about a good friend’s premature baby. Instead of making dozens of emotional and time-consuming phone calls, she created a website—and CaringBridge was born. To this day, we are a nonprofit staffed by people dedicated to making each health journey easier.

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Impact & Reach

For over 25 years, CaringBridge has made it simple and safe to offer or ask for support when it’s needed most. More than 300,000 people use our private and ad-free platform every single day, sharing health updates and rallying around loved ones. People around the world turn to CaringBridge for health journey communications. Every twelve minutes, there’s a new CaringBridge site made to share updates and get support. And every hour, 1,600 messages of love, hope, and compassion are posted on a loved one’s site. CaringBridge users from around the country have shared their stories with us with the hope of helping others.

No One Should Go Through a Health Journey Alone

A health journey of any kind—diagnosis, injury, illness, pregnancy complications, or other experiences—is difficult to endure alone. Too often, patients and caregivers feel isolated at a time when support matters most. In these moments, there’s no match for the power of community, because healing happens when we’re surrounded by our loved ones.

Passion for Help, Hope, Healing

Everyone at CaringBridge, from team members and leadership to the Board of Directors, is passionate about making sure no one goes through a health journey alone.

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Steadfast Transparency

As a nonprofit that serves individuals during some of their most vulnerable moments, we pride ourselves on being responsible stewards of the generous donor dollars that make our work possible.

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